St. Theresa’s Parish Amusari, Isiala Mbano Welcomes Our Lord Bishop, His Excellency, Most Rev. S. A. Amatu

The Parish Priest, the parishioners, the Catholic faithful of St. Theresa’s Parish, and the entire members of the Amusari Community of Isiala Mbano on December 10, 2023, warmly welcomed the presence of His Lordship, Most Rev. Solomon Amamchukwu Amatu, the Catholic Bishop of Okigwe Diocese on his Pastoral visit to their parish.

It was a very lively moment in the parish, and for the faithful of the parish as they came out en mass, to welcome their Father in faith, Most Rev. S. A. Amatu, the incumbent Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe.

The Holy Mass, presided by the bishop, commenced at their parish church building at exactly 10:00 am, with the parish priest and the Vicar General II flanking the bishop, among a host of other con-celebrants.

Speaking during his homily, the bishop decried the uncharitable spirit that people often adopt during the Christmas Season; which is manifest in the price hike experienced in the market. He condemned all such disposition as often make people see the Christmas season as a time to extort from others. The season should be one of shearing love, and not extortion or wickedness. The bishop reminded the gathered congregation of the meaning of the call made by John the Baptist. According to him, the call invites everyone to review and amend their lives to the better. The valleys and hills that should be leveled refer to our individual lives. More than the material preparations, each person is called and challenged to prepare in truth and in spirit for the coming of Christ our saviour.

The bishop also warned against such kinds of wickedness and hypocrisy that rejoice with others in the day and plan their destruction at night, especially as people would be coming home for Christmas celebration, showing off their successes in one way or another. He pointed out that it is a sign of true Christian spirit to rejoice at the good fortunes of others, and not to plan their downfall or cajole them.

Finally, the bishop reminded all that the goods of this life are actually meant to assist us gain heaven. Therefore, the Bishop, charged the gathered congregation to utilize the grace of this sacred season to come back to their God in humility and repentance, so that the Lord would wash them through the ministry of the Church in the sacrament of Penance, more generously celebrated this season as ‘Christmas Confession.’

Other highlights of the event include:
– the solemn Confirmation of 40 Candidates
– an Address of welcome and packages of goodwill presented to the bishop
– photoshots of the bishop with the newly confirmed and the priests, and guests present
-brief tour to a new station site, where the bishop went to inspect an on-going church building project undertaken by a parishioner
– warm reception of His Lordship by the Parish Council, at the end of the ceremony.

The priests who attended the ceremony include:

– Very Rev. Fr. Bartholomew Nnaemedo, Vicar General II
– Very Rev. Fr. Princewill Iwuanyanwu, Chancellor/Secretary
-Rev. Fr. Remigius Edemobi, the Parish Priest
– Very Rev. Fr. Chibuike Uwakwe, Diocesan Finance Administrator
– Very Rev. Msgr. Cletus Ehiem (Finance Consultant)
-Rev. Fr. Lucian Chinagorom
-Rev. Fr. Desmond Obi
– Rev. Fr. Samuel Okereke
– Rev. Fr. Macellinus Nwoda
– Rev. Fr. Theophilus Okafor


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