In keeping with the ancient practice of the Church for grass root evangelization, His Excellency, Most Rev. Solomon Amamchukwu Amatu, the Catholic Bishop of Okigwe, today October 15, 2023, graced the Catholic Parish at Aroumuele Community in Arondiizuogu, Okigwe with his Episcopal presence. The worshiping community of the young and portable parish, St. Joseph’s Parish Aroumuele, were overwhelmed with so much joy to have their father in faith come to worship with them in their own very home.

Highlights of the event include:

– the Holy Mass which lasted for an Hour Forty Five minutes;
– special fatherly words from the bishop;
– solemn administration of the Sacrament of Confirmation on 49 candidates;
– appreciation and presentation of gifts to the bishop;
– warm reception of the bishop by the Parish Priest.

While addressing the congregation, the bishop in his usual but reputable penchant for the combination of homiletical expertise and paternal composure, admonished the congregation on relevant issues regarding faith and Christian living. In unison with the dogmatic voices of the Fathers the Church, he emphasized the reality of heaven and hell, warning against lifestyles that could trigger the king of the universe to unleash his military on mankind.
Alluding to the narrative in the Gospel reading where soldiers ‘killed those murderers and burnt their city,’ he said the heavenly soldiers if they are sent, would venge God’s wrath on us as was the case in the Gospel. He quotes the late but Saintly bishop of Enugu Diocese, Michael Eneja, saying that each person alive already knows where he/she is preparing to spend his/her eternity, by the life such a one lives. Therefore, the bishop invited the gathered brethren to make honest effort to live lives worthy of Gods priceless reward in His kingdom.

Finally, the bishop used the opportunity to speak on the increasing violence and bloodshed in Igboland. He said there’s no point in doing violence to ourselves in a bid to achieve a supposed common goal. Hence, he advised all those involved in any form of violence in the society, to please desist from it.

Other priests present for the ceremony include:

Very Rev. Fr. Princewill Iwuanyanwu, Chancellor/Secretary

Very Rev. Fr. Bartholomew Nnaemedo, Vicar General II
Very Rev. Fr. Chibuike Uwakwe, Diocesan Finance Administrator
Rev. Fr. Joseph Ukwu, the Parish Priest.


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